Angry Bird

I’m sure that we all have heard of angry birds. Well, I have one of my own!

Angry Bird

Cardinal just leaving a branch and heading for my window. Look out piggies.

For some reason there is a cardinal that keeps flapping at one of my windows.  Usually early in the morning; by early I mean before I get up.  The noise wakes me up.  It started in the spring but has continued off on on since then.  I’ve heard that cardinals are territorial and they attack their reflection in the window during their nesting season.  That makes sense to me but this bird is so persistent that even a stupid bird should be able to realize that it is a futile endeavor.  And it is still going on!  It’s January for pete’s sake, give it a break!  Go south or something.  During the summer I had to put a net over the window to help stop the flapping and pecking but the bird simply used the net as a perch to peck at the window.  At least no it is infrequent but very frustrating when it happens.


The cardinal eventually stopped coming around but since May time frame there has been an oriel doing the same thing.  The only difference is that this bird is smaller so it is only tapping at the window instead of banging at it!  It is now August and the oriel is still at the window most days.

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